Welfare Measures

Pakistan is currently grappling with the consequences of mismanagement and indiscipline from previous eras, leading to a severe economic crunch and high inflation. However, IPP has devised a plan to alleviate the suffering of the poor in these challenging times. As part of their manifesto, IPP has made promising commitments to address various issues. They have pledged to establish a minimum wage of 50,000 rupees for laborers, which would provide significant relief. Additionally, the party aims to assist motorbike commuters who face the burden of expensive petrol by offering it at half the price. IPP also recognizes the plight of slum dwellers residing in and around major cities and promises to grant them ownership rights while constructing new apartments for their benefit. The middle class, which is currently experiencing a difficult phase, will receive relief in the form of 300 free units of electricity. Furthermore, the IPP intends to implement comprehensive energy reforms and tackle circular debt.