Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party Manifesto


In Pakistan, the education sector is badly neglected. There is no doubt that it is crucial that children receive an education whenever possible, so whatever measures have to be taken in order to accomplish this are important. Abdul Aleem Khan promises to provide technical training centers for skilled individuals, interest-free loans for youth and women, and employment opportunities as part of the IPP manifesto. In addition to that IPP will provide free education for children and youth; scholarships for deserving students for higher education, both domestically and internationally. While religious students will be integrated into the national mainstream through modern education.


The mismanagement and rule of previous eras has led to Pakistan’s economy in a dreadful state, causing inflation and unemployment to reach all-time highs. Building Pakistan’s economic infrastructure and fostering small enterprises’ trust are essential to its progress. According to the manifesto of the IPP, industrial zones will be established in every city and district to promote cottage industries and to protect small and medium businesses. Whereas, it has been stated in the IPP manifesto that eradicating pollution is one of the most important goals.

Social & Law

In addition to Pakistan’s declining judicial ranking, minority-related violence and terrorism have also aggravated the situation. It is imperative that the police and judicial systems are immediately improved at the earliest opportunity. IPP manifesto promises that provision of justice would be made quicker whereas, minority rights and respect to fundamental rights of all communities would be protected at all costs. The IPP manifesto promises to protect minority rights as well as speed up and simplify justice for the people. In terms of expat registration, there would be a simplification of the process


Istekham e Pakistan party is taking a significant stride by pledging to provide free modern and electric transport to seniors, women, and students. This initiative is of utmost importance as these segments of society often face neglect and hardship when it comes to commuting. The heavy commuting burden, coupled with the lack of accessible transportation options, leaves them feeling helpless and restricted in their daily lives. By offering free transport, Istekham e Pakistan party aims to alleviate these challenges and empower seniors, women, and students to move freely and independently. This step highlights the party’s commitment to addressing the needs of marginalized groups and creating a more inclusive and equitable society.


Istekham e Pakistan party has made a promising commitment to promote the local tourism industry and provide necessary facilities to foster domestic and international tourism. In a country that has long been plagued by terrorism, it is crucial to not only revitalize the local tourism sector but also provide ample support and amenities to ensure its growth. By focusing on the development of tourism, the party aims to attract more visitors, both from within the country and abroad. This influx of tourists will not only bring in foreign exchange but also stimulate local commerce, creating more job opportunities for the people. By prioritizing the tourism industry and providing enhanced facilities, Istekham e Pakistan party aims to uplift the economy and bring prosperity to the nation.


Under the banner of Istekham e Pakistan party (IPP), Abdul Aleem Khan is determined to give special emphasis on the agricultural sector, which is considered the backbone of Pakistan’s economy. The industry has been adversely affected by high electricity costs, making it challenging for farmers to sustain their livelihoods. In recognition of this issue, the IPP has made a promising commitment to support farmers who own 12 acres of land by providing them with free tube well electricity. Additionally, as part of the agrarian reform, tube wells will be converted into subsidized solar systems in order to promote modern farming. Seeds and drip irrigation are examples of innovative projects that will be implemented in an emergency situation. These initiatives aim to alleviate the burden on farmers, improve agricultural productivity, and ensure a more sustainable and prosperous future for the agricultural sector in Pakistan. By giving agriculture special attention, the IPP demonstrates its dedication to the welfare and development of the farming community.

IT Sector

Under the banner of Istekham e Pakistan party (IPP) Abdul Aleem Khan is determined to give IT sector special attention. The party aims to place focus on IT industry to create new job opportunities and enhance the lives of the people.  The modernization of IT infrastructure and services will not only drive economic growth but also bring about improvements in various aspects of people’s lives, such as communication, education, healthcare, and governance. By prioritizing the IT sector, IPP demonstrates its commitment to fostering a technologically advanced and prosperous Pakistan.


IPP party aims to provide clean drinking water and better health system. As part of IPP’s efforts to share the burden of hospitals, dispensaries will be established at the grassroot level to ensure healthcare facilities are readily available in both urban and rural settings. These dispensaries will be equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and staffed by skilled healthcare professionals. Additionally, IPP will prioritize the installation of water filtration plants in both urban and rural areas, ensuring that the population has access to clean drinking water. This step is crucial as clean drinking water plays a vital role in maintaining good health and preventing waterborne diseases. By focusing on these essential areas, the IPP aims to make a significant impact on the lives of people in Pakistan, addressing their basic needs and promoting a healthier and more prosperous future for all.


Throughout the country, Abdul Aleem Khan has promised to build parks, stadiums, and recreation facilities under the banner of Istekham e Pakistan party. With a strong belief in the power of sports and its ability to unite communities, Abdul Aleem Khan has also pledged to recognize and nurture sports talent at all levels. His comprehensive plan includes organizing competitions at various levels to identify and groom exceptional athletes, with the ultimate goal of preparing them for participation in prestigious events such as the Olympics and other international competitions. By focusing on the holistic growth of sports infrastructure and fostering the talents of aspiring athletes, Abdul Aleem Khan aims to promote a healthy and active lifestyle among its citizens.


Pakistan is a country that has been grappling with energy shortages for a considerable period of time. The persistent issue of load shedding has plagued its people, causing significant disruptions in their daily lives. The impact of this energy crisis on the local industry has been particularly severe, leading to a decline in exports and hampering economic growth. IPP recognizes the need to address the energy shortage. By empowering provincial units, IPP pledged to enhance water resources and build new dams to alleviate the crisis. By focusing on increasing the country’s water reservoirs, IPP aims to generate more hydroelectric power, thus providing a sustainable solution to the energy crisis. Through these measures, Abdul Aleem Khan under the banner of IPP aspires to mitigate the effects of load shedding, revitalize the local industry, and propel Pakistan towards a more prosperous future.

Independent Foreign Policy

Istekham e Pakistan (IPP) party is committed to maintaining equal and balanced relations with neighboring countries. IPP will develop a foreign policy that prioritizes protecting national interests. This approach will be extended to every country, including the United States, with the aim of enhancing Pakistan’s trade relations. Resolving the longstanding Kashmir issue in a manner that fulfills the aspirations of Kashmiris is a crucial aspect of the IPP party’s foreign policy. The party will continue to extend moral and diplomatic support to the Kashmiri people’s right to self-determination. The party’s stance on Palestinian stability is resolute and unambiguous. It will actively speak at international forums, including the United Nations, to ensure that Palestinians are granted their legitimate rights.

Welfare Measures

Pakistan is currently grappling with the consequences of mismanagement and indiscipline from previous eras, leading to a severe economic crunch and high inflation. However, IPP has devised a plan to alleviate the suffering of the poor in these challenging times. As part of their manifesto, IPP has made promising commitments to address various issues. They have pledged to establish a minimum wage of 50,000 rupees for laborers, which would provide significant relief. Additionally, the party aims to assist motorbike commuters who face the burden of expensive petrol by offering it at half the price. IPP also recognizes the plight of slum dwellers residing in and around major cities and promises to grant them ownership rights while constructing new apartments for their benefit. The middle class, which is currently experiencing a difficult phase, will receive relief in the form of 300 free units of electricity. Furthermore, the IPP intends to implement comprehensive energy reforms and tackle circular debt.